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Radiant Heat Systems 01
How we used to do a radiant system with pump on each zone
How we do it now, one variable speed pump and zone valves with actuators
Radiant manifold with flow meters ready for actuators to split loops into zones
Manifold group for a large 10,000 sq ft shop, single zone
A typical manifold setup for a slab on grade less manifold before testing
High efficiency boiler with heat storage, indirect hot water, two temp radiant and baseboard, water softening
High efficiency boiler system with radiant heat storage and domestic hot water
A high efficiency boiler system with hot water
A large commerical radiant system with a combination coal, wood, or gas boiler
A towel warmer is a beautiful or alternative way to heat a bathroom
Typical multi zone tubing layout before Gypsum pour
Typical multi zone tubing layout before Gypsum pour
Almost finished with Gpysum pour
Installation of the staple-down tubing system with tubing left out for no heat under kitchen island
Staple down ready for gypsum pour with embedded stringers for nail down wood floor
Tying down tubing for a slab on grade
Radiant slab on grade system in a 13,000 sq. ft. house with remote manifolds shown, 2nd floor gets poured Gypsum
Dry above system ready to add wood, tile, or carpet finished floor on top

Radiant tubing to de-fog Master bath mirror. Reflective insulation behind tubing not installed yet in picture

New combi boiler heats on-demand domestic hot water with hot water loop storage tank and pump, has radiant heat storage tank, UPS backup power system
Combi boiler and accessories in 4′ wide x 3′ deep floor space in corner of heated garage
Radiant manifold mounted in self contained wall box
Combi boiler with on-demand hot water, hot loop with tank and pump, smart pump and storage tank for radiant heat

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